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Harvard University

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Arrogant, Snooty, Closeminded

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Arrogant, Condescending, Unhelpful, Self Absorbed

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Date: May 06 2010
Major: Finance (This Major's Salary over time)
Man, where do i Begin, as a person who grew up in poverty 18 years of my life and getting into harvard with a full scholarship made me the happiest person in the world. I grew up in harlem, NY, i lived with 6 family members in a crammed studio apartment. I didn't have much in life and i wanted to get out of poverty so i decided to work extremely hard in my education. I worked hard all my life and want to stuyvesant high school in the city and worked hard to get a 4.0 gpa and scored 2340 on my sats. My parents didn't have any money to support themselves let alone me. When i came to harvard with a very happy spirt i was destroyed by the student body after 2 months of classes. People here are VERY pompous, arrogant and extremely rich. I am a black student and people don't even associate with me i get treated like crap every single day by everyone. There are very few african americans in the school and if you do find one you can't relate cause their rich and look down upon you. I was walking down the campus one day and these group of white kids looked at me and said " why are you negros here, go back to africa". I thought people were supposed to be nice but they weren't. Everyone is so Self absorbed and think they are King of the world. They treat people like crap. I have very little friends if none. If your a poor kids then it's hard to socialize because everyone spends loads of money to party but i end up feeling left out because i can't afford to spend money. I ended up transferring to CUNY Baruch, back with my family because people at this school treated me as if i was nothing. Being a african american students and being underrepresented at any top college will make you feel left out. My advice is if your a minority student especially black don't go here because you will feel left out. I currently love Cuny Baruch and i have made many friends here, and people always give me shocked looks when i tell them i transferred from harvard. But why go to a college where you will never find happiness?
responseAre you serious? Do you really expect anyone to believe you got into Harvard with your horrific grammar and spelling? The most ridiculous review I have read yet on this website. CUNY Baruch, yes—Harvard, definitely not.
questionI don't believe you because a person with 4.00 gpa and 2340 sats should not care about single minded individuals. If I WAS ON YOUR SHOES I would of ignore all the "rich" people and concentrate on my school work. P.S You do not go to school to make friends; you go to school to get a good education and to have a successful future and your friends are at home. I cannot believe that you let stupid and self absorbed “rich” people intimidate you. I really think that you are lying because if you had a full scholarship you would of not transfer from a well known university.
responseI still don’t believe you!! I think you are just looking for attention. Go take a nap. Guess what I am going to Harvard this fall semester and I am not wealthy. I am poor financially just like you but spiritually I am very rich. I will make sure if you are telling the truth. P.S. I will not quit or let stupid people intimidate me like they did to you. You will hear back from me during the fall semester…
responseHey it's the person above AND I COULDN'T TAKE IT. I transferred.
responseI dont know you alls races and dont know if you have ever experienced racism, but it hurts and its not something you could or should have to put up with for your college life. yes, school is for you to learn, but it doesnt take a genius to know that being social is a huge part of collge and part of what makes it so enjoyable. i can empathize with him, and fully understand him not wanting to be around a bunch of arrogant racist white kids!
responseI find it hard to believe that Harvard would accept someone who does not know that you are is abbreviated "you're" and not "your." Also, African Americans is capitalized and they are rich would be abbreviated "they're."
commentYou do know that it's not actually grammatically incorrect to write "you are" right? For example, if you're trying to emphasize something: e.g. "You are applying to Harvard right?"
commentYou should probably correct your score: you wrote you scored 2340, yet at the top it says you scored 2370…
responseOMG. I can't believe people are trying to sound smart by saying others don't know how to spell. HAHAHHA, this is hilarious. No one has the time to make a dumb comment neat and perfect. This review comment is totally a waste of anyones time. But I do agree with the fact that you should not pay attention to racist comments, or people's rich parents. I almost died laughing at these ridiculous replies.
Why are y'all giving this kid such a hard time? His story is totally believable…and who are you to call him a liar?

FYI, 99% of teenage kids think that the contraction for "you are" is spelled "your," and that includes rich kids and high-SAT kids. (Have you been on Facebook lately?)

This poster writes beautifully and eloquently, despite the typos. (Oh BTW—have you noticed the numerous typos and boo-boos in virtually ALL the reviews on this site?)

Both my husband and I did graduate work at Harvard. My husband was a teaching fellow and later a non-resident tutor. He had some minority students, and they were exactly as this poster described: rich, privileged, and entitled. There were VERY few poor kids at Harvard, from disadvantaged backgrounds. At Harvard, "diversity" means "rich, privileged minorities; fellow members of the club." Wealth rules. I hear that's changing thanks to the new financial aid policies, but obviously, as this poster shows, there's still a long way to go.

commentBalls to the person who wrote this review!
commentU are all emphasizing his point. u are using his spelling to judge if he's a HARVARD STUDENT!!!!! Haven t u ever heard of shorthand, no one has time to write full words esp cases like this. You prove the fact of seeing yourselves more highly than others. Read what he said and check urselves.
responseEvery one from any IVY LEAGUE college is a no good (often white) deuchbag. And thats not a racist comment because i am white. I sympathise with anyone who deserves respect but is treated like nothing. This kid was probley as smart or smarter than many of the white deuchs and deserved their respect. To the guy who wrote this review: dont let them trash you, stand up for youself.
commentThank you for posting your review.

I am disappointed in the number of nit-pickers who responded to your review. Although I greatly appreciate good grammar and spelling, I don't mind reading text that does not utilize the above. As long as the text is understandable and coherent, I am perfectly fine with it.

If those nit-picking responses were from Harvard University students, then I am disappointed that such arrogance was displayed by such intelligent people.

Good day.

responseHarvard is an Ivy League school… this means there is no athletic scholarships, only slight tuition discounts based on family contribution. Also, the athletes at Harvard are some of the friendliest individuals you will ever meet (MOST of them are african american), and not always from the best financial backgrounds. For you to write this, you clearly wanted attention for creating this lie. You deserve to be discriminated against, mainly for being retarded, not black.
responseHarvard is an Ivy League school… this means there is no athletic scholarships, only slight tuition discounts based on family contribution. Also, the athletes at Harvard are some of the friendliest individuals you will ever meet (MOST of them are african american), and not always from the best financial backgrounds. For you to write this, you clearly wanted attention for creating this lie. You deserve to be discriminated against, mainly for being retarded, not black.

Also, on your survey you scored "friendliness" the highest out of all the categories. I bet you wore a helmet to prom.

The person above assumed it was an athletic scholarship because he was black. The student claims a scholarship but did not describe the kind.
commentThe person above assumed it was an athletic scholarship because he was black. The student claims a scholarship but did not describe the kind.
responseThank you so much for your honest review. You confirmed my worst fears about the Ivy League. I also applied to Ivy League schools but, thanks to your insightful review, I’m GRATEFUL I wasn’t accepted by any. The hateful responses here from rich white students are appalling. For them to attack you for sharing your experience only proves what you said about them: they’re racist rich white kids.
comment"If I WAS ON YOUR SHOES I would of ignore…" You could never be and that's why you don't get it.
I was born and raised in South Africa. The town I lived in was divided by financial status. It turned out that on one side of the town you had white people, and on the other you had black people. I lived most of my life on the side with the black locals. With this, I went to school with them, made as much money as them, etc. None of them wanted to associate with me because of the actions that were portrayed by the other faction. I was often called Simba, the white cancer, the bastard, etc. The last thing I wanted to hear was these stereotypes when I was drinking water from a bucket. Long story short, people are ignorant sometimes, thats because they are weak in character. In your situation, those people who insulted you came from wealth assumably. They probably never had a problem, thus they complain at the smallest things. They saw a black man "you" walking past them and they presumed that you didnt earn your keep due to skin color. This is arrogant due to how they presumably didn't work more than you in any way. Handle them by showing them that they are weak in character. Children make excuses for problems. In this case they blamed you for the problems going on in their heads. You handle this by walking by them. Dont take their abuse, but this aint abuse, this is retardation. A comment that had no logic should be discarded. Dont fortify a prison for yourself, move forward with your day.
responseYou went to Harvard and transferred to CUNY Baruch? How do you plan on moving past "poverty" now? Employers will see your transfer and think you could not keep up with the Academic challenge. You did not transfer to Columbia or Cornell? You went several steps down the ladder to CUNY? SMH Good luck. Your low self esteem can't be cured.
On the off chance that those nit-picking reactions were from Harvard University understudies, at that point I am disillusioned that such self-importance was shown by such clever individuals. Cheap Dissertation Writing Service
commentWhen you are creative in making school high by providing quality education and all you have to do is relate some African schools to other reputable institutes to provide complete knowledge to a student. If you are applying at Online University to continue your education cause of some requirement.
commentThe individual above assumed it changed into an athletic scholarship due to the fact he became black. The scholar claims a scholarship but did not describe the sort. Buy a Dissertation
commentI am disillusioned inside the number of nit-pickers who responded in your review. despite the fact that I significantly recognize desirable grammar and spelling, I do not thoughts studying textual content that does not make use of the above. as long as the textual content is comprehensible and coherent, i am flawlessly fine with it. Buy Dissertation
commentI have very little buddies if none. If your a negative kids then it is hard to socialism due to the fact every body spends masses of money to birthday party however i end up feeling not noted due to the fact i can't manage to pay for to spend cash. Help Me Do My Essay
commentThe individual above assumed it changed into an athletic learner ship due to the fact he became black. The scholar claims a triteness but did not describe the sorting. Buy dissertation writing service
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